About us

NewCakes BV is an organisation specialized in sales and distribution of cake decoration products for the home baking market, large-scale consumers and retail. The start of the company is just as special and represents the entrepreneurship and creativeness of the directors. In 2003 the director Inge Zaagsma started the company Taartopmaat where she made cakes on order and gave workshops at her kitchen table.

From this a little webshop was established: Deleukstetaartenshop. This webshop has become very successful and focuses on the consumer market. At Deleukstetaartenshop you can find everything to make and decorate the most delicious cupcakes, cookies, cake pops or cakes.


In 2008 NewCakes started a wholesale, CakeSupplies, that focuses on the business to business market. CakeSupplies offers every professional in the cake decorating business access to a wide range of cake ingredients and supplies.

The wide range, that is continuously growing and renewed, exists out of over 5000 top quality items. CakeSupplies is an official distributing partner of Wilton, FunCakes (the own brand of NewCakes) and Satin Ice. Besides these brands they also distribute other reputable brands. In 2013 CakeSupplies opened an establishment in Alicante, Spain.