About us

NewCakes B.V. is an organization specialized in the sale and distribution of baking and cake decorating products for the home baking market, retail and large-scale consumers. NewCakes B.V. consists of three business units. The consumer webshop Deleukstetaartenshop.nl, the wholesale CakeSupplies and the brand FunCakes. The start of the company is equally special and significant and reveals the entrepreneurship and creativeness of the directors.


In 2003 the director Inge Zaagsma started the company Taartopmaat. She made cakes on order and gave workshops at her kitchen table. From this a little webshop was established: Deleukstetaartenshop. This webshop has very successfully developed into one of the largest webshops in cake products in the Benelux. NewCakes serves the private market through this webshop, offering home bakers everything they need to bake and decorate the most delicious cupcakes, cookies, cake pops or cakes.


In 2008, NewCakes also started to focus on the business market by setting up the wholesale CakeSupplies. CakeSupplies offers every professional in the cake decorating business access to a wide range of cake ingredients and supplies. These professionals are located in more than 30 different countries in Europe and have their orders delivered within a few business days from the warehouse in Amsterdam. The wide range, which is continuously growing and renewed, consists of almost 5000 top quality items from about 30 premium brands. CakeSupplies is an official distribution partner of Wilton, FunCakes (NewCakes’ own brand) and Renshaw. In addition, they also supply various other reputable brands.


Based on a noticeable consumer need for high-quality, easy-to-use baking products, NewCakes launched its own brand FunCakes in 2009. The latter business unit also experienced rapid growth in a short time and developed into one of the most successful brands in the cake decorating industry. The brand offers an extensive range of mainly food products such as baking mixes, fillings, fondant, marzipan, colourings and flavourings, sprinkles and decorations. FunCakes is distributed exclusively through the wholesale CakeSupplies to resellers across Europe.