In 2009 NewCakes BV launched its own brand FunCakes, based on a noticeable consumer need for professional quality products with great ease of use. The brand took its first steps in the market with baking mixes, fondant and marzipan, then coloured by the owners themselves and repackaged in small retail packagings. Something that can hardly be imagined with the current volumes in mind.

Because now FunCakes is one of the most established brands in the cake decoration industry and offers home bakers throughout Europe an extensive range to build their own cakes from the first gram mix to the last colourful sprinkle. The brand is exclusively distributed by CakeSupplies to specialized webshops and stores, but also at chains and wholesalers.

The range includes about 1000 products, consisting of baking mixes, flour and fillings, fondant and marzipan, colours and flavours, sprinkles and sugar decorations, chocolate and Deco Melts, but also non-food products such as baking cups, piping bags, cake and cupcake boxes, dummies and drums. The high quality and great ease of use have never lost sight of the brand.

Many home bakers have become loyal to the brand. Because in addition to a versatile and continuously developing range, FunCakes offers a platform via the website and social media that home bakers consult for baking questions and inspiration. FunCakes is like their best baking buddy with whom they discuss the most creative combinations of ingredients, from whom they get help with complicated baking projects, who tells them about the latest baking trends and most of all, with whom they have a lot of fun in the kitchen!